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How to choose and buy and use with wrapping machin

Source:本站  Date:2015/11/24

Wrapping machine is also known as cover machine or machine, used for printed color printing surface onlay adhesive paper and corrugated board, it is an important corollary equipment, printed carton production efficiency and quality of corrugated board production has a certain impact. With the continuous development of social economy, the printed cartons used more and more widely, with wrapping machine structure is the trend of diversification and automation, manufacturing technology, performance, and the more hasten is mature and advanced. Due to the structure and properties of wrapping machine, corrugated board and the effect of the onlay adhesive paper also different, so the right to choose and use with wrapping machine is an important link to improve the quality of carton production efficiency and.

1 with wrapping machine structure and performance

Now in the market with wrapping machine structure is varied, have finished