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Add ink printing process matters needing attention

Source:本站  Date:2015/11/24

To add ink order from big to small, the first and the main color is larger scale. Light color is prepared to put a thinner, gradually add to the water in the thinner to deepen the color. The deployment of ink method has two kinds: can allocate a small amount of ink mixing method by hand; Allocate a large amount of ink by mechanical mixing method.

The covering power of ink is the ability to ink to cover the base. The stronger the covering power, lower ink transparency. Requirement four color printing ink has high transparency, otherwise it will affect the color of the print reduction effect.


According to the following factors to adjust the adhesion of ink in printing:

(1) the surface strength of paper. Paper surface strength, ink adhesion can allocate more: on the contrary, the adhesion to, otherwise the paper 'off powder. 'dropping ?