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The development of aqueous environmental printing

Source:本站  Date:2015/06/17

Is known as narrow plateau has been in this field, as a result of the packaging structure design software development, the characteristics of the cycle is long, slow income. The follower. To look is the disposal of such domestic software development of the enterprise, in the majority with comprehensive software developers, concentrated on the construction of industry garden, auto parts, plastic structure, etc, and give priority to with graphic design, more in terms of packaging structure, even if, mostly with packaging structure design is given priority to, also lack of three dimensional function. Focus on the structure design software is rare in the field of packaging.

In guangzhou for the computer co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as for in guangzhou), general manager of Tian Fa min said, for this is easy to begin to know something about the "forgotten" field. Save for the purpose