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Print products development should have new ideas

Source:本站  Date:2015/06/17

After I graduated from the university work assigned to a printing equipment manufacturer, more than 20 years ago. Mainly is the disposal of the PS version of production at that time. At that time the factory have a PS version of the production line imported from Japan. Brush grinding technology on the production line, the process when it comes to assist PS version of popularization in China has made a great contribution, but later, when the electrolytic process began to spread, the brush grinding process is a bit outdated organization personnel to modify production line, so factory will production line stretched, brush grinding process behind added a electrolytic equipment, known as "brush + electrolytic grinding" the transformation of original intention is good but in actual operation process, but always have this or that kind of problem, lead to the quality of plate material is not stable. When the car I transferred to the PS version of the workshop