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The causes of the offset press feed stuffy car

Source:本站  Date:2015/11/24

Commercial rotary press is introduced from abroad in recent years, high speed high quality printing machine. It has the fast printing speed, print layout more strong, stable quality, effectiveness and other prominent advantages, but also easy to appear some fault, is a headache stuffy car which is a kind of fault. Stuffy car was due to lose paper, former gauge, gauge, feed system and rules before detection system fails, a few dozen even a piece of paper into the impression cylinder and rubber roller, causing a sudden stop. Now what time according to their own experiences in the practical work practice.

1, generally into the paper stuffy car for several reasons

1) feed bedplate front-end pressure paper height adjustment is not appropriate. General should be the thickness of the three printing paper.

2) lose between paper and paper bedplate, ? into paper