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Demand of printing and packaging enterprises of th

Source:本站  Date:2015/11/24

A suitable starting from the characteristic of packaging and printing, CTP system to solve a series of headache problem in packaging and printing enterprise, to meet the demand of the packaging and printing enterprise, make its benefit from the CTP technology. CTP technology in packaging and printing enterprise, needs to solve the following problems:

1. Packaging and printing in production on the color reproduction, color consistency.

Compared to the level of the color reappearance and neutral grey control, packaging and printing enterprise pay more attention to the color reproduction and color consistency issues. This requires CTP system has color management process control module, equipped with the hardware device is not that simple, debugging and quality control of color is required to provide more training service, solve good color consistency problem in actual production.

Digital proofing combined with computer technology proofing. A large number of ?